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"Missy is a terrific real estate agent. I have worked with her on four transactions in the past two years. Each of the transactions had special challenges and the final results for two of the deals were very successful, and for the other two, extremely successful. I had an opportunity to observe Missy successfully handling the many aspects of the deals as the challenges arose.

Missy has a great ability to develop her own buyers, and to be extremely convincing and persuasive as to pricing and attractiveness of properties, such that I would describe it as one of her main strengths. That said, most deals have times when the buyer and seller drift apart prior to closing, and Missy has the ability to intercede with the parties to keep the deals alive through closing. She knows how to tactfully nudge people toward her point of view, and hence her ability to make deals.

I manage property for the descendants of the founders of Hills Bros. Coffee. Over the past two decades, I've completed 27 real estate purchases and sales of real estate and have worked with many of the real estate agents in Marin (and know most of them). In terms of my support of Missy, I can tell you that I hope to never work with a real estate agent other than Missy.