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My husband and I had made the heart-breaking decision to sell the partially developed land on which we had planned to build our dream home. We knew that we were in a buyers' market, and that the sale would require a very knowledgeable broker who would work hard for us, and we interviewed 5 or 6 brokers with "proven land sale track records in Marin County" who claimed to be "land experts". Each of those other brokers focused on the negative aspects of the property, and gave us multiple reasons why we should set a low price. None of those other brokers had much real expertise, and none even had a basic marketing plan.

Then we had the extremely good fortune of meeting Missy Echeverria of SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY! It was immediately clear to us that Missy, and her very accomplished team, were the right brokers for us! With her enthusiasm, professionalism, and genuine kindness, she transformed our unpleasant forced sale into an exciting opportunity. Missy and her team navigated a difficult contract into an advantageous quick-close for us. I have no doubt whatsoever that Missy personally made all the difference in our transaction and that 99.9% of real estate brokers could not have accomplished what she did.

The most resounding compliment I can make about M. Properties is that they have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to back up their claims and they deliver! We had set very high expectations for our transaction, and Missy exceeded our expectations in every way. We plan to use M. Properties for all of our real estate needs. We consider Missy and her team to be our personal friends, and not just our brokers.