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Sandy Gable
DRE# 01885606

Co-Team Leader
I am a woman ready to share your real estate adventure. Together we can traverse the path to you new home or investment. I am an entirely entrepreneurial person, and have been so all my life. I have done everything from flipping houses, to owning my own espresso business to hiring myself out as a landscaper and gardener.Everything I have done up to now is applicable to finding the right properties for my clients. I believe in home ownership with a philosophical conviction that I will bring to the table when helping you locate and purchase your own little piece of paradise. When you tell me what you envision for yourself, I will listen with an intuitive ear, then focus my attention and considerable energy in service to you as my client. I have always loved real estate. As a private citizen and as a house flipper, I have completed 11 escrows. As an agent, many more times that. Some might say that real estate is in my blood. My parents who were also real estate agents, tried to steer me towards a career in real estate as I ran out the door with my surf board, hell bent on going my own way. I find it poetic and maybe a little ironic, that I should find myself, after my many adventures, taking the path that my parents had chosen for me way back then. One thing has not changed since I was a wild child with a surfboard. I still follow my bliss and choose the path that enables me to keep growing and changing as a person. We are all meant to become what we are meant to be right? For me this process is on-going and must be nourished in a life well lived. It takes courage to change, but it beats the alternative, which I see as stagnation. I see my clients as courageous. The decision to buy a piece of property implies that a change is at hand in their lives. This can be an intense time, where each person comes face to face with what is real for them, where their boundaries are, what priorities supersede others. Sometimes it takes a real estate transaction to get to the truth of things. It is an honor to share times of transition with people. I love my job. The best part is that at the end, when the deal has closed. I have helped clients generate wealth that transcends the strictly financial. Sure, the seeds of financial security are planted when a person obtains ownership of a piece of property. But a property well chosen, also brings wealth that cannot be measured. Helping people manifest prosperity of finance, prosperity of spirit, prosperity of community.... these things float my boat and I feel fortunate to do what I do. What other business could a skydiving, big wave rider, mean hoop shooter, world traveler find the kind of acceptance and success that i have found as a real estate agent? Becoming a woman who has built wealth in Sonoma County is the result of hard work, innovation, risk taking, relationships and vision. If I can do it, you can do it. Take the step, buy a house. You will not be sorry.