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Gabe Contreras
RE Intern
I have worked in the sales industry for over 20 years and have always had a passion for helping people find the perfect fits for their needs. I have very strong leadership and communication skills and really enjoy being  a part of the team dynamic. I believe in going above and beyond for everyone and delivering the best quality of service. I moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta 5 years ago and joined the property management industry where I interacted with investors, learned about acquisitions and community renovations, new construction, builders , land developers and from there;  my love for real estate was birthed. I decided to chase that dream and I have now completed real estate school. I have always been the top producer in any field I’ve worked in, as serving people in any capacity is just part of my DNA. I’m married and am blessed with 5 beautiful kids. I love the outdoors and anything that requires me to be active while enjoying all the great opportunities life has to offer.