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Andre Derricotte

Andre Derricotte (December 8, 1990) is an American Businessman, Investor, Self-Help Author,
motivational speaker, and financial literacy activist. Andre is the founder of College to Wealth, a
private education company that provides personal finance and business education through
books, seminars, and educational products around the world.
He is also the author of College to Corporate, a series of motivational books and has also created and developed the Rekrootid
app, which is a social media platform that connects employers to employees worldwide.
Andre Derricotte is an active real estate investor, and a large portion of his wealth comes from
real estate investing. He has various real estate investments, real estate development ventures
and property management ventures operating around the United States, particularly in his
home state New Jersey.

Starting with small residential real estate investments back in 2015, Derricotte began investing
in multi family homes in Northern New Jersey, making a small profit from capital gains.
Derricotte, owning his own real estate holding company, Chess Estates LLC, during his time
with Wells Fargo Advisors, has continued on with smaller real estate investments as well as
creating a Property Management company to manage all properties.
In 2019, Andre Derricotte wrote 7 children books titled, Jasiah's Money Adventure, (a fun story
on the history of money), Natalia's Garden of Life (life lessons on Nutrition), Daveon makes
sense of saving cents, ( A how to guide on saving money), Nate and Mat's College Account
( A deep dive into tax deferred college savings account) and more that you can find at www.childrentowealth.com